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Free Business Health Check

As part of our business development program, we offer a free cost reduction audit.

A cost reduction audit will look at the fixed and variable costs required to run your business. A profitable business is a simple formula. Money in, minus money out equals profit. If you pay out less than you pay in, you have a profitable business.

Many businesses are too focused on generating revenue, but the extra costs required to generate that revenue are not controlled correctly. There is no point generating an additional 100k in revenue if it’s costing you a 110k to generate it.

Taylor Goodall will look at the costs required to generate revenue and show you where you can cut costs to save money, putting more money on your bottom line.

We cannot go into too much detail at this stage about what we look at, but its very unusual for us not to find areas in your business where you can reduce your costs.

This service is free to all businesses as part of the business development program.

If you have any questions about this offer then please contact us using the form below.

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